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17 OCTOBER 2018


The AGM was opened by the Chairman Steve Sanders.

Apologies for absence were received from Andre Czlapka and Lee Davies.


The Minutes of the last AGM were read by the Secretary.

Stuart raised a point about the SWG money.

Colin Redfearn said the Chairman should be addressed as ‘Colonel Sanders’ and the Runs should have more information when being proposed, eg the distance and the number of stops.


Committee Reports

·Pointsmaster - Richard said the new system of having a sheet to sign when attending a Run is working, since he always get the names of the attendees.

·Webmaster - Mark says the website is running smoothly and suggested that next year the website package should be downgraded to the basic one since it is cheaper and more people now use Facebook.

·Secretary - Ian said that it had been a bad year with members struck down by health issues and a couple of members having to give up biking altogether. Despite this, the Meetings are well attended. There are Runs almost every weekend with plenty of riders taking part. The highlights this year were the French Trip and the Cadwell Park weekend - the camping was enjoyed by all. We are looking forward to going again next year and having a marquee.

·Treasurer - Dave presented a report which stated that the bank balance is now £12,048.52. Taxi Lee offered to audit the accounts.

·Chairman - Steve reiterated that there had been a lot of sickness in the Club and some members had spent time in hospital. He thanked those members who stood in as Chairman on the occasions when he himself couldn’t attend. He had enjoyed the big Runs he participated in this year and said that we all get more out of the Club than we put in.



1.Mark Cadman proposed that we consider introducing a rule that club roles, ie President, Secretary etc, should be held for a maximum of two years (although members could be re-elected after a one-year gap). He suggested that maybe one of the problems with people not volunteering is that they fear they’ll be stuck in that position indefinitely. By implementing this new rule, it may encourage others to give the roles a try. (A discussion followed but there were no seconders).

2.Chain Gang proposed that all members are awarded free membership for the year 2018-19. Again there were no seconders.

3.Steve Sanders suggested that the current Club logo be redesigned. The club thought the current one was still ok. Not seconded.

4.Andre Czlapka proposed that there should be a Social Secretary. This role would include organizing or helping to organize events. Taxi Lee proposed himself. Seconded by Ian. 15 voted for, none against.

5.Steve put forward a proposal which he immediately un-proposed.

6.Ian proposed that we organise a Sunday in the summer to promote the Club. A marquee would be put up at the Keel Inn (if they would allow this). Drinks and food would be provided at cost price plus a small mark up. It should be run out as a time trial. All former attendees of the SWG to be emailed and posters put up. Nothing big, no runs out to promote it. Seconded by Taxi Lee. 15 voted for, none against.

7.The Club Run disclaimer as discussed at the last AGM, was read out by Steve who proposed that it is put in place full time. 13 voted for, none against.

8.Lance proposed that Runs must be seconded again to count as official runs. The majority of the club voted for, none against.


Not a proposal but Andre says the club might not be able to join the YHA this year as a groupand will have more details at the next meeting.


Malc says that from January he will have to charge the club for keeping the trailer and shed in his yard.


Facebook members only, Danny Kaye says that only members should be allowed in. The Club decided to withdraw access to non-members from December.


Steve proposed to take £10k in club funds and invest it to make more money out of what we already have. He would write the Club a cheque for the same amount as security. It was discussed and seconded by Colin Redfearn. 3 voted for so this will not go ahead.


Taxi Lee says we need to attract more new members although no one knows how that will be done.



All Club officials stood down and voting took place for the new Club officials.

Pointsmaster - Richard agreed to keep the position.

Webmaster - Mark didn’t want to carry on so it was agreed that Andre should take the position.

Treasurer - Dave Owen agreed to keep the position.

Secretary - Ian agreed to keep the position.

Chairman - Steve agreed to keep the position despite not being able to attend some future meetings.

The date of the next AGM was set for the last meeting in October 2019. Taxi Lee was disappointed that the date for this year’s meeting was brought forward by 2 weeks.

The Club subs are now due.

There was a cold buffet for members.






22nd March, 2018

Barnsley Bikers have been extremely proud to bring the Barnsley Motorcycle Festival (aka Show With Go) to you for many years. Over the last 3 years alone we have managed to raise £3551.13 for charity. However we have made the decision to make 2017 the last show that we will host. Good news though! We have found another club to take this forward. Click here for more details.


20th September, 2017

Barnsley Bikers were very pleased to present a cheque for £1228.72 to Barnsley Blind & Partially Sighted Association for the money raised from this years Show With Go. Click here for more details.


8th April, 2017

Several members of Barnsley Bikers Club turned out for the run to BlueBell Wood Hospice to drop off a total of 80 easter eggs for the children there in preparation for their easter egg hunt. The weather was great and it was fantastic to see the smiles on the kids faces as the eggs were handed over. Click here for photos from the day.


6th October, 2016

Barnsley Bikers were very pleased to present a cheque for £1322.41 to BSARCS for the money raised from this years Show With Go. BSARCS is a small local charity and is Barnsley's only specialist provider of services to survivors of sexual violence. Click here for more details.