Chippy n' Pub Run 2

Chippy n' Pub Run No. 2


9 members attended the 2nd chippy n pub run of 2018. Meeting at the Keel at 6pm we all had an eye on the clouds gathering in the sky, but the weatherman said we would be fine till later on in the evening, by which time we all should be home.


Two riders missed the message I sent out about Tescos being closed, so we had to take in a garage stop before we ventured in to the dark peak. We went via Birdwell, Pilly, Wortley and on to Deepcar before dropping into Bolderstone to pick the Strines road up. We made good pace over the super smooth roads. At Ladybower we took the little back road to miss the traffic lights at Bamford and then on to Hope. We turn left into Bradfield stopping at the chippy. Much faster service than last week, and nicer chips too.


Chips n fish eaten we set off to the pub, this is where the route planner stuck to my tank comes in. Turn left at the bend, turn left at the junction, merge left at the junction, pub on the left. We arrived at The Barrel pub at Bretton and we parked in the car park which was quite full with posh cars. On entering the pub it was full with posh people. We stood at the bar for ages until we got served, drinks bought we went outside and sat on the grass in the carpark. With it being overcast the the view over the Hope Valley was not as good as if the sun was shining.


Then it started, just a few drops at the start but slowly getting heavier, so we drank up and set off. Having not been on these roads before I said it might turn into an Andre road is. grass down the middle, I was not far wrong. The rain was now getting heavier and a yellow tint visor in the poor visibility was crap. We picked the Hathersage road up and headed to Bamford, Ladybower and on to the Staines, taking the road which runs on the opposite side to the valley that we went out on, via Low Bradfield, High Bradfield and onto Oughtibridge and Grenoside to pick up the A61. Heading towards home, we turned at the M1 roundabout. Giles and Shannon waved goodbye, Lee and Nick went at the bottom of Worsbrough, not sure where Terry left us. Malc, Lance and myself said goodbye at Stairfoot roundabout and Colin Red had blasted past me coming down from Birdwell (on a promise by the looks of speed he was traveling).


63 miles covered, 30 in the rain. Not good with summer boots on. Wet socks for me.


The Aprilia behaved quite well this week, just a few pops n bangs but no fireworks.


So where will the chippy n pub run go next? .......Back to Google earth maps to see what I can find.



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