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18th November 2018

Run led by Nick to Squires cafe for a bit of breakfast.

Morning run to squires cafe. Six riders departed from a cool keel car park at 9 O’clock heading out towards Cudworth, with Andre holding up the rear. The roads were wet but drying in patches. We followed the A628 out towards Hemsworth, then via Badsworth, Thorpe Audlin, Wentbrigde, ferry bridge and through a sunny South Milford arriving at squires for 10 o’clock. Cups of tea were drank along with some ideal chit chat, It struck 11 o’clock so we gathered up the troops and relieved Andre from his bench where he had been basking in the morning sun. we headed home via Lotherton Hall, castleford, Heath, Walton, Royston. A great morning ride.

11th November 2018

Run led by Nick to Jem speed shop batley. Via dodworth, Silkstone, over the humpback bridge at Cawthorne, upto High Hoyland, Clayton west, over Emley moor left at Grange moor round about,down towards kirkheaton. Then we took a bumpy single track road (especially for the adventure bikes) down to cooper bridge, where we took the A62 towards Birstall then onto Jem. Most of us had breakfast, then a look around some bikes in the showroom. It struck 11 o’clock as we were about to leave so we had a minutes silence in the foyer. We set off back in torrential rain which stopped after 10 mins. Via Dewsbury, Middlestown, Flockton, Haigh. 7 Riders in total including Paul with his recently plated collarbone, 42 miles in total.

4th November 2018

Run Led by Malc to Hollingwood Hub cafe on Chesterfield Canal. 7 members. via Wath, Kilnhurst, Bradley, Brampton, martin Moor and onto the cafe. Excellent breakfast was had by all. Damp roads a a great ride

21st October 2018

Run led by Val (first timer and first lady to lead a run)

run via Hollingsworth lakes Rochdale, unplanned off road, returned via saddleworth moor and Holmfirth. 7 members and mixed weather.

30th September, 2018

Run to Cadwell Park

23rd September, 2018

Run to a cafe at Ollerton

9th September, 2018

Trip to the World's End

2nd September, 2018

Run to Stubblecross, Thorp Perrow

27th August, 2018

Run to Peter 135 Hickman Charity do at Thornton Curtis

26th August, 2018

Run to Yonderman Cafe

24-26th August 2018

weekender to ride Kielder Forest Road. 2 members staying at YHA Once Brewed. Good weather.

22nd-29th August, '18

Trip to Isle of Man TT Races

19th August, 2018

Run to Bridlington

9th August, 2018

Run to Ripponden

5th August, 2018

Run to Craven Classical Motorcycles Collection at York

3rd - 5th August, 2018

Weekend trip to Wales

26th July, 2018

Beat the rain run to the Ale House

25th July, 2018

Pre-meeting run

22nd July, 2018

Ride out to Scarborough

18th July, 2018

Ride to Warley Cross Cafe, Biker Night

15th July, 2018

Run to Tan Hill

3rd July, 2018

Short run to the Engineers Inn at Higham

1st July, 2018

Run to Classic Motorcycle Event at Crich Tram Museum

24th June, 2018

Run to Lake District

23rd June, 2018

Run to Alan Jeffries at Baildon then local area

21st June, 2018

Annual 'Howl at the Moon' mid-summers night run

16th - 17th June, 2018

Camping weekend at Cadwell

7th June, 2018

Run to Squires Cafe

3rd June, 2018

Run to Withernsea

30th May, 2018

Pre-meeting run

28th May, 2018

Run to Cadwell to watch racing

23rd May, 2018

Run to Classic Bike Night @ Linconshire

20th May, 2018

Re-run of Bike Club's Birthday ride to Monyash

18th - 25th, May, 2018

Week trip to France

16th May, 2018

Run to see Lancaster Bomber @ Ladybower [run report]

12th May, 2018

Chippy n' Pub Run No. 2 [run report]

10th May, 2018

Run to the Old Oak @ Tickhill

6th May, 2018

Run to East Coast Motorcycles [run report]

5th May, 2018

Run to Tideswell chippy [run report]


Weekend trip to Isle of Man

2nd May, 2018

Pre-meeting run for coffee and cake

29th April, 2018

Run to CMC @ Clay Cross - Monkey Bike day

19th April, 2018

Cake & Coffee run [run report]

18th April, 2018

Pre-meeting run

1st April, 2018

Easter Egg Run to Sheffield

25th March, 2018

Run to Manchester Bike Show

11th February, 2018

Run to Pleasley Pit Colliery Museum

28th January, 2018

Breakfast run to a cafe in Derbyshire

26th January, 2018

Frank's Mystery Meander in Derbyshire

20-21st January, 2018

Run/weekend to Bridlington

14th January, 2018

Breakfast run to a cafe


62 Runs

3rd December, 2017

Run to Ellenroad Steam Museum

26th November, 2017

Run to Forrest Cafe, Ollerton

23rd November, 2017

Run to CMC, Clay Cross

19th November, 2017

Run to Donna Nook

17th November, 2017

Run to Fockerby, Swinefleet and a tea stop at Sherburn

12th November, 2017

Ring of Red from Birch services [run report]

5th November, 2017

Run to Skegness for Beach Racing

29th October, 2017

Breakfast run to Derbyshire

27th October, 2017

Where's the stables run

22nd October, 2017

Run to Matlock Bath

15th October, 2017

Run to Rock Cafe and Ellenroad Steam Museum

6th October, 2017

Run to Grosmont

3rd October, 2017

Run to Newark Barge [run report]

29th September, 2017

After the rain run

24th September, 2017

Run to Whitby

17th September, 2017

Breakfast run to Green Tree, Doncaster

2nd - 13th Sept., 2017

Irish Coastal Tour (Wild Atlantic Way) [route files]

10th September, 2017

Breakfast run

3rd September, 2017

Run to Caenby Corner

2nd September,2017

Run to Tideswell chippy

29th August, 2017

Run out for a pint

28th August, 2017

Run to Bubble Car Museum [run report]

27th August, 2017

Run to Yonderman and on to Leawood Pump House

22nd August, 2017

Run out for a pint

18th - 20th August, '17

Long weekend to Hadrian's Wall [run report]

13th August, 2017

Breakfast run to celebrate club birthday

2nd August, 2017

Run to pub at Scapegoat Hill

26th July, 2017

Pre-meeting run

18th July, 2017

Run to Knaresborough

14th July, 2017

Run to Tideswell

8th July, 2017

Run to Mablethorpe

5th July, 2017

Run to Edale

21st June, 2017

Annual 'Howl at the Moon' run to Holme Moss

21st June, 2017

Run to Squires (SWG flyer drop)

14th June, 2017

Run to Humber Bridge

8th June, 2017

Run to Squires

4th June, 2017

Run to Woodhall Spa

28th May, 2017

Run to Spaldington

21st May, 2017

Run to Yonderman

12th - 21st May, 2017

Tour of Spain

14th May, 2017

Run to Willingham Woods (SWG flyer drop)

11th May, 2017

Run to MFN (SWG flyer drop - non-points run)

11th May, 2017

Run to Squires at Sherburn (SWG flyer drop)

9th May, 2017

Run to Aysgarth Falls [run report to follow]

8th May, 2017

Run to MFN (SWG flyer drop)

7th May, 2017

Run to Withernsea

3rd May, 2017

Pre-meeting run

30th April, 2017

Run to Edale

23rd April, 2017

Breakfast run to Gainsborough

21st April, 2017

Long weekend in Bellingham [ photos and route files ]

14th April, 2017

Run to Goole Waterways Museum

11th April, 2017

Search for Newark Castle Barge [run report]

9th April, 2017

Run to Hornsea Mere

8th April, 2017

Easter egg run to Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice

4th April, 2017

Search for Dracula

28th March, 2017

Search for Cheese [run report]

26th March, 2017

Run to Caenby Corner

14th March, 2017

Search for a Kipper [run report]

18th February, 2017

Run to Cleethorpes

29th January, 2017

Run to Phil's Auntie's Cafe

28th January, 2017

Run to Shipley

11th January, 2017

Pre-meeting run on local twisties


62 runs

31st December, 2016

Run to Yonderman

30th December, 2016

Run to National Memorial Arboretum

29th December, 2016

Run to Kelham Island Museum

21st December, 2016

Run to Ladybower

20th December, 2016

Run to J&S, Doncaster

18th December, 2016

Run to Avro Heritage Centre

15th December, 2016

Run to Squires cafe

11th December, 2016

Run to Bridlington

10th December, 2016

Run to Barrow Hill Roundhouse

4th December, 2016

Run out to CMC Clay Cross

3rd December, 2016

Run out to Mapplewell

27th November, 2016

Run to Mablethorpe

26th November, 2016

Run to Shipley

21st November, 2016

Run out to Team Roberts at Denaby

20th November, 2016

Breakfast run to Sunnybank Tea Rooms

19th November, 2016

Breakfast run to Candy Corner - then on to Alford Windmill

13th November, 2016

Breakfast run to Glossop (or Holmfirth as it turned out)

12th November, 2016

Sightseeing in the North East

6th November, 2016

Breakfast run to Pleasley Colliery

30th October, 2016

Run to White Swan at Kirkburton

23rd October, 2016

Run to Naked Man Cafe, Settle. [run report]

16th October, 2016

Run to Lordstones Cafe

9th October, 2016

Run to a cafe near the Cat & Fiddle

8th October, 2016

Run to Ladybower Inn.

2nd October, 2016

Run to Willingham Woods.

25th September, 2016

Run to Fridaythorpe.

21st September, 2016

Pre-meeting run.

18th September, 2016

Run to Whitby.

15th September, 2016

Run to Squires Cafe.

11th September, 2016

Run to the Yorkshire Dales.

7th September, 2016

Pre-meeting run.

4th September, 2016

Run to Bridlington. [run report].

15th August, 2016

Run to MFN at Nottingham.

14th August, 2016

Run to Matlock.

7th August, 2016

Colin's mystery run (to ice cream room).

3rd August, 2016

Run for a beer n chat at the Cow and Calf.

31st July, 2016

Run to Mablethorpe. [run report]

27th July, 2016

Pre-meeting run on quiet and winding roads.

17th July, 2016

Run to Withernsea. [run report].

10th July, 2016

Run to Yonderman cafe, Buxton.

1st - 10th July, 2016

EU Camping trip to Mont Blanc.

23rd June, 2016

Run to Squires Cafe.

20th June, 2016

Howl at the Moon, Holme Moss.

6th June, 2016

Run to MFN at Nottingham.

5th June, 2016

Run to Sid's Cafe at Holmfirth and then on to Glossop.

29th May, 2016

Run to Yonderman.

20th - 22nd May, 2016

Camping / hostel weekend to Talybont on Usk.

17th May, 2016

Phil's Tuesday Morning Ice Cream Adventure [run report].

15th May, 2016

Run to Yonderman and then on to Matlock.

12th May, 2016

Run to Tickhill and Moth & Lantern.

8th May, 2016

Run to Holmfirth and surrounding area.

7th May, 2016

Run to Cleethorpes.

1st May, 2016

Run to Woodall Spa.

17th April, 2016

Run to Sunny Bank Garden Centre at Hatfield.

14th April, 2016

Run to Squire's Cafe.

10th April, 2016

Run to Yonderman Cafe at Buxton.

27th March, 2016

Run to Papplewick Pumping Station.

13th March, 2016

Run to see the Flying Scotsman at Grosmont.

28th February, 2016

Run to Sandtoft Airfield.

7th February, 2016

Run to Sand Racing at Mabletherpe.

31st January, 2016

Run to Oil Can Cafe, Holmfirth.

24th January, 2016

Run to Yonderman Cafe, Buxton.


34 Runs

29th December, 2015

Ron's run to Castletown & Edale.

22nd November, 2015

Run out to Donna Nook to see the seals.

1st November, 2015

Breakfast run to Pickering, back via Stape to Egton Bridge, Rosedale Abbey, Chimney Bank, Hutton le Hole, Easingwold and Aldwark Bridge.

25th October, 2015

Run to Yonderman.

18th October, 2015

Run to Lord Stones Cafe.

11th October, 2015

Swift run to Withernsea taking in some great winding roads. Led by Chain Gang

4th October, 2015

Run to Wycoller. Led by Peter.

19th September, 2015

Run to Southport Air Show to see the Vulcan fly.

20th September, 2015

Run to Cleethorpes. Leave from the Keel at 8.00am, back mid-afternoon.

Sunday 16th July

Woodall Spa.

24th July - 2nd August

Hostelleroes go International (Germany). [KMX Files]

5th September

Ring of Kerry/Coast of Ireland - 5 nights.

19th July, 2015

East Coast Triangle. See Mablethorpe, Cleethorpes and the home of the sea birds.

10th - 14th July, 2015

Mutiny on Ben Nevis led by Steve, with an extended trip led by Andre.

24th June, 2015

Howling at the Moon midsummer's night run with "Stand-in" Steve (Ian).

21st June, 2015

UNOFFICIAL "Not a run" run to Lindsey Forest and then on to Bridlington or Scarborough. Led by Chain Gang.

20th June, 2015

Leaflet drop to J&S Doncaster, followed by a run up to Squires Cafe. Led by Ron.

5th June, 2015

Triumph John's Bellingham weekender.

24th May, 2015

Run to Rusty Spoke, led by Malc, seconded by Lance.

21st May, 2015

Run up to Squires Cafe at Sherburn. Led by Malc

17th May, 2015

Run to north Wales, led by Ian

13th - 17th May, 2015

Ian's camping weekend in the national park at Edale. Friday through Sunday.

13th May, 2015

Run over Saddleworth for a pint of Tiger Rut Real Ale at the Railway Inn, Greenfield (other non-alcoholic beverages also available). Led by Steve.

7th May, 2015

Show With Go flyer distribution run, led by Malc. The Oak at Tickhill, then Moth and Lantern at Workshop.

26th April, 2015

Run to Rosedale Chimney, led by Ian

23rd April, 2015

Run to Squires Cafe, led by Malc

19th April, 2015

Mystery run to Cleethorpes. Led by Chain Gang, seconded by Lance.

12th April, 2015

Early bird run to Whitby. Led by Malc.

22nd March, 2015

Run out to Withernsea. Led by Phil and seconded by Roger.

15th March, 2015

Run out to Pocklington/Howden area. Country Lanes, cruiser speed led by Ron and Lance.

8th March, 2015

Oil can café with Malc.

1st March, 2015

Sky View Cafe @ Santoft. Led by Ian.

15th February, 2015

Breakfast Run. Led by Lance.

25th January 2015

Run to Messingham. Led by Ron Approx. 100 mile round trip around cosy back roads.


32 Runs

28th December 2014

The Twixmas Ride through the Winter Wonderland. A bicycle ride (yes, you read that right!)

5th December 2014

Annual search for Santa (Not a bike ride). A few beers, raand tarn then curry and chips or pies and pappadams.

29th/30th November, 2014

Ripon weekender

23rd November, 2014

Oil Can Cafe, Holmfirth, led by Malc

16th November, 2014

CMC motorcycles café and route using country lanes (at nearly cruiser speeds).

9th November, 2014

Cuppa and a chat. Run over the moors, led by Steve.

2nd November, 2014

Cafe run, led by Ian.

5th October, 2014

Run to Horncastle, led by Chain Gang.

28th September, 2014

Run to Wycoller, a forgotten town near Manchester. Led by low rider Peter.

14th September, 2014

Short breakfast run, led by Malc

7th September, 2014

Cafe run to Grindleford, led by Malc.

6th September, 2014

Bag of chips in Skegness (aka coffee at Scunthorpe MacDonalds because it was chucking it down). Led by Ian

30-31st August, 2014

Coast to Coast. Led by Chain Gang. Run report includes photos.

24th August, 2014

Bellaby in North Yorkshire. Led by Peter.

17th August, 2014

Cafe on the coast at Anderby Creek, led by Ian

8th August, 2014

Search for Summer.

21st June, 2014

Annual Mid-Summers Howling at the Moon Run

13th - 15th June


12th June, 2014

Squires Cafe (leaflet drop)

11th June, 2014

Squires Cafe (leaflet drop)

8th June, 2014

Squires Cafe (leaflet drop)

5th June, 2014

Holly Bush at Edenthorpe (Leaflet drop)

28th May, 2014

Derbyshire Breakfast

25th May, 2014

Squires Cafe

20th - 30th May, 2014

Orkney Islands Trip. Multi-day trip - Tuesday through Friday, led by Andre.

18th May, 2014

Mystery run to Cleethorpes.

16th - 18th May

BMF Weekend (Multi-day trip - Friday through Sunday)

4th May, 2014

Barnsley Bikers Bank Holiday Blast to Bridlington and Back.

20th April, 2014

Rivington Barn Run

13th April, 2014

Ride into the Sun (aka Withersea the Last Resort).

21st - 23rd March, 2013

Hostelleroes do Once Brewed next to Twice Brewed (at Hadrians Wall).

9th February, 2014

Cafe run (aka Castleford Crusade).