Ladybower run

Run to see Lancaster Bomber, now Typhoon, at Ladybower

16th May, 2018


Todays little bimble into the hills starring:

Lee Walton, Colin Reed, Stuart Fox, Val Mellor, El Prezz, Malc Hartley and last but not least Len Talaga.


Starting from the Keel we ventured onwards towards the ever present grey skies, morning traffic is not its best in Barnsley but we survived.


We moved onto Park Road heading towards Dodworth out then to Silkstone Common into Oxspring, this is were the K$$$ H$$$ driving the Audi tried but failed, to flatten myself into the tarmac.


We moved briskly onto the Woodhead, stopping at Vals mobile cafe for coffee n' cake for some, but a double cheese burger for me.


Turning back onto the Woodhead after being rested, Colin decided to turn for home. We then took the next left onto the Glossop Road. We made good progress out of Glossop, on to the A57 Snake Pass heading towards our final destination Ladybower.


Having found some parking for our trusty steeds, we walked into the middle of the dam wall leaving Malc to talk to some long lost friend.


12:05 passed, no sign of the typhoon jet that was coming, so we talked some more and more until this young ranger was walking down the road saying "IT`S NOT COMING, there's too much cloud."


Oh dear, so thats that then. People were off, but not before a couple off us require a pit stop, and what should turn up? A bloody Typhoon.


Oh well, back onto the trusty steeds and we head back over the Strines, the Stocksbridge bypass, and into Hoyland where we split and went our seperate ways.


72 miles on decent roads with decent company. Roll on the next one.


Cheers, from the best non-member this club has.

Barnsley Bikers Club

Rolling since 1985