Phil's Ice Cream run report

Barnsley Bikers Club

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The Great Tuesday Morning Ice Cream Adventure



We were five strong when we left the Keel headed for the wide open spaces of Lincolnshire.


Colin rode at number two & Clive was the sweeper.


We rode by Hemsworth to Ackworth, through the twiddly bits to Darrington, and on to Whitley Lock. Snaith showed us on to Rawcliffe where a fast tractor went on a go slow through the fast curves, farmers eh?


We resisted the Canal museum in Goole and pressed on to Eastoft, left to Luddington on some delicious curvy bits, and alongside the river to Keadby.


We crossed the river at Gunness and turned right. At this point, after two hours in the saddle the crew were revolting and nothing less would calm them than a coffee stop.


To appease them we stopped at the first available, which just happened to be a PH. Carol took control and while she left us guarding the bikes she went in search of refreshments. She returned with posh coffees with saucers spoons and brown sugar.


We passed a very pleasant 20 minutes until circulation had been restored to all extremities, and continued to our ultimate destination, Blyton.


All involved were duly impressed with the wide choice of ice cream and food available, and we indulged ourselves accordingly.


All too soon it was time to leave, so it was off to Gainsborough for Colin to tank up then on to Bawtry, where I peeled off, and Clive took the run back to Barnsley.


I did 95 miles in great weather in good company, and enjoyed the laugh


Thanks to all the Icecreamers Here’s to the next time…..