Run to Bubble Car Museum

The Great Bubble Car Museum Run


Bank Holiday Monday 28th August 2017.


Dateline 9.00am Monday 28th August, the place, The Keel Inn at Stairfoot Barnsley, and the sun was already beating down on us.


Who were us, we were “Pontefract Andy” “Selby Paul” Ally, “Big ten Len” and the nearly late Dave “the cash. ” Pop phoned to say he will join us on the road as he was serving breakfast in bed, then as we were sat at the traffic lights Paul our fourth non member turned up, so we were eight strong. A magnificent seven and me.


First stop Market Raisen for petrol, then Wragby for brunch. Dave Pop and Paul arrived 30 minutes later after taking a wrong turn to Willingham Wood.


Then on to Langton and the Bubble Car museum.


From Woodhall Spa it was unknown territory to me, and with only a road number and a mental picture of the map in my head I navigated to the B1192 and New York, then on to the Bubble Car Museum.


Just like last time I sailed straight past because it is too shy to advertise itself. A quick 180 and we were in the car park covered in sea shells, of all things. Me thinks this could have been a shallow tropical sea before the last ice age!


We all went round the museum and settled in the café to large helpings of everything, very reasonably priced I might add, including the cakes, this could have been the summer migration destination for Mr Kipling.


We returned via Horncastle for a petrol stop, then back over the twiddly bits to Bardney where we lost three of our band on a rider marked junction. Two of the three elected to continue on their own and Dave returned to us after a twenty minute wait.


We raised Market Raisen and I swelled the coffers after buying more petrol, I’m after the Tesco points. Then on to Caistor, Pop and Dave struck out for Gainsborough, that’s the town not the painter. Then we were four.


We went to Brig then past Uncle Henry’s, Blyton with the ice cream shop sorry chaps I would have stopped but it was chocca.


Len and Paul went to Bawtry from Gainsborough, and Ally followed me over the flat land to Doncaster then on to Barnsley.


216 miles in the day home at 5.00pm


Thanks to all who came good day out and a good ride



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