East Coast Motorcycles

The East Coast Motorcycles

6th May 2018


It was a sunny day

On the 6th May

When we pointed to the east

There’s a café there

That serves fine fayre

So we’re sure to get a feast


I’d tell my tale in rhyme for you

But to compose would take a while

So just for now

I’ll park this up

And use another style…



It was 8.30 in the am it was warm it was dry it was time to go. We were massed in the car park at the Keel.


We were Lance, Maurice, Terry, Colin, and Dave, Carole and Stuart were here on leave from Cyprus and your author


We left Barnsley for Hemsworth, then Ackworth. We bypassed Cridling Stubbs, and yes it is a place name and not a medical condition, to go through Womersley. Womersley waved us on to Pollington, Snaith and the evergreen Rawcliffe, still resplendent in the Tour de Yorkshire bunting and yellow cycles. Airmyn pointed over the river to Howden, who put us on the B1230 to Beverley.


Carole told me that she and Stuart were riding new bikes not yet run in and their most comfortable speed was 60mph, so these roads suited them perfectly.


We arrived at East Coast Motorcycles at Hutton Cranswick via the B1248 from Beverley. The café was open and after a look around the showroom we had butties and brews.


Our ride home was via Pocklington and Stamford Bridge, we stopped for a natural break at Bubwith, and petrol for Terry at Howden.


I led to Rawcliffe and Lance took the run to Barnsley through Sykehouse.


What a good run what a good day thanks to all who came.




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