Run to Mablethorpe

Barnsley Bikers Club

Rolling since 1985

The Magnificent Seven


There we were Sunday the 31st of July 2016. What a way to celebrate the end of a wonderful July, a glorious run bathed in warm sunshine


As the title suggests we were seven strong. Popeye was our anchor man with the boxer twin, Terry sat there resplendent on his Triumph, Carl the spread brought his tricky Tracker, Ridger was riding his Hydrogen powered DL, it must be Hydrogen or Solar powered because I’ve yet to see him put petrol in it. Squeaky was just in time on the Funduro, and there in the Steve McQueen role was Matrix Mark, the master of the interweb, and I, your scribe & leader, just for one day, on the Box fresh Bandit.


When I got there Ridger and Carl were reassembling Mark’s cruiser, this was not the sort of thing that Mark would apply himself to as he sat there casually observing while looking cool in the Foster Grants, with the leather zipped down showing his white t-shirt looking like a 1950’s icon, “Fonzie?”


Mablethorpe, a day at the beach


Off we went through Doncaster, to Gainsborough, to Blyton, to you, to me, your end up a bit and mind the banister.


We stopped at Caistor for a comfort stop, then off to Louth to start the twiddly bits.


And boy did we twiddle.


In Mablethorpe Carl told me of free parking, and with that thought firmly in mind he led on & we parked on top of some flood control gates.


Waiting for us was Pop, who had gone on ahead with the caravan. He directed us to the Busy Bee café, but as that was full we tried the one next door where we spent a jolly repast.


Weighed & paid we waved bye to Pop & went back to the bikes. They were all still there, we helmeted & gloved up and rebiked, (new word contact the Oxford concise people.)


The only known garage in Mablethorpe, (they may be other underground ones,) charged a credit card fee for purchases under a tenner, so we had to stump up the ice cream cash instead, now that was a blow.


Back to the road fellow bikers, and follow the road to Cleethorpes. And we did.


At Tetney we peeled off to go through Waltham past the five sailed windmill and the nice ice cream shop. No ice cream for us we had spent our ice cream money on petrol.


We followed the B road into the heart of the Lincolnshire county side to Kirmond le Mire, just after which we swung right to Caistor for our comfort break. (See I do stop!)


Then off to Brigg, somehow all roads lead to Brigg in July.


Then down the A15 a spell then right again past Uncle Henry’s and the gliders.


We got a warm welcome from Gainsborough who ushered us to Misterton, and home.


I was eating my lunch at 3.00pm


What a hoot! We had a great day 211 dry miles


Cue music & closing credits.


Thanks to all who came and made it a good day


NGK Sparkrite