Run to Withernsea - July 2016

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Run to Withernsea


The day dawned bright and promised to stay dry, and guess what, the day kept its promise, Paul Hudson rides again.


We were six strong with five bikes; Pete brought Mrs Pete, while Lance Malc & Ridger, sorry Rodger & I were solo.


I led off to Doncaster, then Dunscroft, & Hatfield where an unofficial, cycle race official waved frantically at Pete, Pete didn’t understand all the gesticulating, and we joined a cycle time trial. I am sure we were in front, but it would have been a hollow victory so we headed off on the A18 to Scunthorpe.


Scunthorpe showed us on to Winterton via some delightful twisty bits then over the Humber Bridge for free.


Our first stop was to be at the Humber Bridge Country park, but guess what, in the lane where we were filtered “Tagged & Motorcycles” our lane as coned past the entrance we needed. Not so much coned as conned….Humph!!!


No option then, keep going.


And so I did. We’ll find a friendly pub or some such.


At the first opportunity I turned off for a hostelry, and the sign post told porkies, all I found was a road laying machine and a dead end.


I checked with my riders and we were all of the same mind. “No tea till Withernsea!”


Beverley sent us to Tickton who told us we needed the A165. The A165 detoured us to Bilton as the Antiques Roadshow was at Burton Constable.


Mo matter the road was good and led us to Aldbrough, then all the way to Withernsea on the twiddly bits.


We parked outside the café and partook of the fare on offer.


On having eloquent sufficiency we listened to the band for a while before leaving Withernsea for Hull. We negotiated Hull leaving on the A63. Sorry chaps I didn’t read the road signs quickly enough and had to do an extra lap of the roundabout, then I found the right roundabout and got the right exit and we went over the Humber Bridge for a second time, again for free!


We retraced our steps to South Ferriby, then on to Brigg, where I stopped for petrol.


I pressed the wrong button when I tried to zero the trip milometer and the speedo read kilometres. I couldn’t reset it and had to work out the maths for the rest of the ride. Dash it all!!


Brigg became Redbourne, and Uncle Henry was flying Gliders


The ice cream shop at Blyton was full as usual so we pressed on to Gainsborough. I negotiated the speed limit carefully 80 klicks equal 50 MPH, then Misterton pointed the way home.


Lance led the run back to Barnsley from Branton and so avoided a pickle, I waved and went home.


Another good ride, do we have any other.


Good company and a good laugh.


We left at 8.00am and had a great six and a half hours out, not all in the saddle!


Thanks to all here’s to the next time