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In search on the elusive Kipper


Early morning and the sun was shining (for a change). I had said at the last meeting that I would be searching on the next Tuesday for that elusive kipper that had been avoiding me for a few weeks now that Morrisons had stopped selling them. There were no enthusiastic seconders but during the week the gentleman Clive had seconded the run, so it was looking official. Tuesday 0945 found me in a panic to get kit on and down to the Keel to meet Clive.


Well blow me down with a feather as I turned into the carpark there were more bikes than on a good summers day bike night. All in all nine grinning bikers. Having got over the shock of having to lead this grinning lot all the way to the kipper factory we set off in line astern. The route was to go out on the A628 to Shafton then via Raven lane to Ryhill, Purston Jaglin, Pontefract then out past Castleford on Barnsdale road. On reaching the M1 we rode up either side of the A1(M) till we reached Wetherby bypass, or should I say, I reached the bypass, Colin ‘the leg’ (to differentiate from ‘short’ Colin) lost his numberplate on the way and needed kerbside repairs. Having passed Wetherby we dropped onto the B6164 and rode into Knaresborough. The intention was to park up in the main car park but it was closed for preseason repairs so instead we rode down to the riverside cafes and parked up. Coffee and bacon butties were eaten (by some at least), photos taken. Sadly there were no kippers in sight. Colin ‘the leg’ at this stage was feeling a bit rough and decided to turn back and head for home.


Break time over we set off again to search for the kipper, riding westwards out of Knaresborough on the B6165 we made our way to MacKenzies Smokehouse where the elusive kippers can be found. This was the furthest point of the rideout. Having made the purchases including some great sausage rolls the intention was to ride to BMW Allan Jefferies in Shipley until the call for a fuel stop was requested. There followed, at best, a confused search for fuel but was eventually successful. The ride then was on the return journey which stopped at BMW for a look at the new bikes and then followed the normal route home via the M62/M1 to junction 37.


Thanks everyone for making it a great rideout.


Andre, Pop, ‘short’ Colin, Paul, Clive, Carol, Val, Stuart, Roger Mays, Colin ‘the Leg’



KMX Log Files

Interested in the route taken for the trip, please find below links to the KMX log files. These files can be loaded into Google Earth to see an overview of the route taken.