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Tuesday 11th April 2017

Riders: Andre, Pop


As there were only two of us we made fast progress. The route was to take us out eastwards past Doncaster and through Sandtoft to the Trent at West Butterwick. The intention was then to follow the Trent southwards via one or two ‘interesting’ roads to Newark and hence the Barge.




There I was in front enjoying the ride, zipping through the bends only to realise glancing in my mirrors that there wasn’t any sign of Pop. Thinking the worst I retraced what I thought were the roads I had come down only to see no sign of Pop, had he taken a wrong turn, had he had an ‘off’. It was then that my phone rang – it was Pop, his rear brake had seized and so had come to a sudden stop!


I eventually found him busy phoning the RAC to recover his bike. He had been told it would be an hour before anyone would be there to collect him – two and a bit hours later they eventually appeared.


So that’s it, the shortest run so far – Fishlake – one way.


Nice weather, good chat for a few hours, then I went for a butty at J&S and home.