Tideswell Chippy

Tideswell Chippy / Monsal Head Run


6 members and 1 old club member set off from the Keel at 6.05 after finding out the run seconder was on his way to Wales. On leaving the car park we joined the queue trying to get round stairfoot roundabout, no way I could get 7 bikes in to the lane I wanted so into town we had to go, turning down kerry hill and over the motorway at gilroyed, we were soon back on route. To miss Birdwell out we headed towards pilly, Hawbrook, Grenoside, missing ducks pheasants and other wild birds that were just wandering down the road. On to the tour de france route we went (Bradfield). At Ladybower we turned left over the bridge heading towards Bamford and on to Tideswell.


Arriving at the chippy the queue was out of the door. Fish chips and drinks were ordered and we were just about to set off and I get a text from Ian asking where we were. He was waiting for us at Monsal, so off we go. Drinks ordered and seats found to watch the sun go down.


On the way home we went towards Foolow and onto Eyam where the road that was closed last year still is, so quick u turn down to Calver, Grindleford and Hathersage stopping at Bamford for petrol for Val. We opted for the Rivelin Valley route home. Steady run home through Sheffield getting back into town for about 10pm.


I hope you enjoyed the run and the firework display and pops n bangs from the Aprillia



Rich b

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