Club Trophies

Barnsley Bikers Club

Rolling since 1985

Barnsley Bikers Club Trophies



Season Trophies


Bob Ellam Trophy

Trophy period is 1st April to 31st December.


Brass Monkey Trophy

Trophy period is 1st January to 31st March.



Trophy Rules


Any event or run must be seconded by a member before it qualifies for points.


4 points are awarded for leading any listed run/event on a  motorcycle


3 points are awarded for attending a listed run/event on a motorcycle.


2 points are awarded for attending club meetings on a motorcycle.


1 point is awarded for attending any club event but not on a motorcycle.


Single day and multiple day events attract one lot of 4-3-2-1 points.  In addition there will be 1 point awarded per additional night for those on multiday trips.


Special Trophies


Trophy period for all special trophies is January 1st to December 31st.


Barnsley Bikers (TT) Tourist Trophy

The tourist trophy will be awarded to the member gathering most points related to a "muti-day event."


Best Attended Run Trophy

The trophy will be awarded to the leader with the most club members attending a "single day event."


Run Leader Trophy

The trophy will be awarded to the leader with the most runs over the course of the year (Bob Elam and Brass Monkey seasons inclusive).



Short Notice run rules


Short notice runs will only attract points if the following extra requirements are met:


  • The short notice run must be listed on the website or texted out at least 24 hours before it starts.

  • The proposer and the seconder must be named on the web notification and they must both attend the short notice run.


Email short notice runs to Mark or text Dave O


Recording trophy points


  • All event leaders are required to notify the point’s recorder regarding their events attendance.


  • Each point’s allocation will be noted in the recorders book.


  • The recorder should endeavour to present an update every two months or upon request.



Trophy point status and trophy winners


  • An up to date status for each trophy will be shown on the clubs web site.


  • Winners and runners up will receive the usual trophies at the presentation night.