Club Constitution

Barnsley Bikers Club

Rolling since 1985

Barnsley Bikers Club Constitution


1. Name


The name shall be the 'Barnsley Bikers Club,' hereinafter referred to as the 'Club'.


2. Aims and Objectives


1) To promote the interests of motorcyclists and motorcycling in the Barnsley Area


2) To promote motorcycling as a safe and environmentally friendly mode of transport


3) To raise awareness amongst motorcyclists, road users and the community of road safety issues


3. Membership


A) In accepting membership, a person agrees to abide by the Constitution of the Club and the decisions of the Club.


B) There will be no discrimination against any person on the basis of Age, Sex, Race, Colour, Religion, Disability, Ethnic origin, Sexual orientation or Marital status.


C) Members under the age of 16 shall be considered as Junior members and will have no right to vote.


4. Termination of Membership


The Club Members shall have the authority to take appropriate disciplinary action against any member of the club and the discretion to terminate membership if any person is found guilty of conduct deemed detrimental to the club.


5. The Club Officers


A) The Club Officers will act for the members of the club and shall be comprised of the following: Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer


B) These Officers shall be appointed at the Annual General Meeting and hold their posts for a calendar year, but may seek re-election at the following year’s AGM.


C) Any liabilities incurred shall fall upon the membership of the club providing the Club Officers act in accordance with the Constitution, in honesty and good faith.


D) Any Officer vacancies occurring outside the AGM can be filled by club vote.


6. Annual General Meeting


The Club shall in each year hold an Annual General Meeting in the month of October when the agenda shall be


a) Chairperson’s Report


b) Secretary’s Report


c) Treasurer’s Report


d) Discussion and voting of AGM proposals


e) Election of Club Officers


f) Resolutions to Constitution


g) Any Other Business


7. Extraordinary General Meeting


An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be convened at the written request of 25% or more of the club members which may include Officers.


8. Voting Rights


A) All members entitled to vote at meetings shall have equal voting rights.


B) Junior members do not have the right to vote.


C) A motion shall be carried by a simple majority of those present and voting, except when the motion is a Constitutional amendment, which shall require a two-thirds majority.


D) In the event of equal votes being cast, the Chair shall have a casting vote in addition to a deliberate vote.


9. Ordinary Meetings


The Club shall hold at least one Ordinary Club meeting per month.


10. Membership fees


A) Membership fees shall be set at the Annual General Meeting (currently £10 per year for 2019/20 period (October - October)).  Membership fee will be adjusted accordingly for new members joining mid-year.  Past members allowing membership to lapse are unable to qualify for this discount upon renewal.


B) All members shall pay such Membership fees annually.


C) Junior members under 16 years old shall not pay Membership fees.


11. Finance


A) All monies raised by, or on behalf of the club shall be applied to further the aims and objectives of the club and for no other purpose.


B) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the day to day financial transactions and will be responsible for the preparation of financial reports and accounts


C) The financial year will reflect the AGM dates each year


D) All property and monies of the Club shall be held by the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer of the Club as Trustees of the Club


12. Dissolution


A) In the event of the club ceasing to exist and following the discharge of all debts and liabilities, any assets at the time of dissolution shall become the property of a recipient decided by the members at that time. No member shall obtain any asset from the club.


B) The club may be wound up upon a motion proposed and seconded by club members and passed by a two-thirds majority at a special meeting convened for that purpose following a written request not less than 14 days before said meeting and signed by 25% or more of the membership of the club.


13. Amendments to the Constitution


A) This Constitution should be reviewed a minimum of once every two years.


B) Any amendments to the Constitution can only be agreed at the Club’s AGM.


C) Proposed additions to, or alterations of the Constitution shall be submitted in writing to the Secretary not less than 14 days before the date of the AGM. All suggested amendments should be signed and seconded.


D) No motion involving an amendment to the Constitution may be proposed from the floor of a meeting.