Upcoming Runs

Run Information - Please Read

When an event/run has been seconded the webmaster will enter the basic event/run details onto this website, the public Barnsley Bikers Club (BBC) facebook page and the members only facebook group.

We can only pass on information received.

If the information you require is missing (eg. length/duration of run, etc), please contact the run/event leader directly.

Text and email's can be used to remind  club members. Remember, this is not automatic, it will only happen if the run leader actions it.


Text - Dave will only text reminders if the run leader texts him a run summary to be forwarded on to the BBC group.

Email - if in depth detail is required, email Andre the webmaster with  the complete details ready to be emailed to the BBC masses (email address on BBC website home page).

Club members have to opt in to receive text and email notification of a club event (typically done when becoming a new member / renewing membership). Make sure you opt in to receive email and text updates otherwise the public pages may be the only notifications you receive.

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Upcoming Runs

Official club runs are back with immediate effect:

Please read the guidance below and stick to it, we shall use this for the foreseeable future. You will also find this guidance on the club website (as soon as Mark can get it on) and Facebook. Anyone without an email or Facebook account must read these recommendations on the website before planning a run. Everyone has access to a computer, tablet or phone with internet access.

1. Start official club runs with immediate effect, same basis as before, need a seconder with not less than 24 hours to go and texted to Dave for a mass text so everyone is aware. Run leaders phone number must be on the text sent to Dave.

2. Anyone planning to attend will have to let the run leader know the evening before at the latest so plans can be made for group numbers.

3. As there can only be 6 riders in a group, the seconder must be able to lead the second group. If there are more than 12 wanting to go, the run leader will have to arrange more leaders as needed.

4. The groups will leave at 15 minute intervals to avoid catching up. Should any group catch the leading group, they would have to stop where safe to do so and wait another 15 minutes unless near home where an alternative route could be taken.

5. Social distancing must be followed at all times when not riding.

6. There will be no signing on sheet, the text message reply is acceptance of the usual rules/guidelines.

7. Stop off's need to be planned well, as not all facilities will be open. If there are stop off's the 15 minute staggered depart time must be followed.

8. Members are responsible for their own Covid-19 safety, Barnsley Bikers Club will not provide any protective equipment. Ensure you have access to hand sanitizer as a minimum in case of contact with anyone.

That's it. Pretty simple. Lets keep ourselves safe. There is no pressure to go on a run, only go it if its safe for you to do so.

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Please check our 'Run Rules' page for terms and conditions and details on how the runs work.